Understanding AES-Part 2

Hello Peeps, Sorry for such a late post. But now in this post, I will deep dive into the internals and the structure of the AES Algorithm. Since we have discussed with the basic definition of AES, we will get into details this time. As we know, AES is the most important symmetric key algorithm […]

Understanding AES – Part 1

Hello Peeps, AES is an algorithm widely used for different applications. It is an encryption algorithm and not used for creating hashes that means you can decrypt a data using the algorithm which is not possible in case of hashes. 🙂 AES is a symmetric key algorithm which means that it uses only one key […]

Introduction to Fields

Hello Folks, I hope my last post was useful to you all and you could understand at least the definition that I had mentioned. Basically, it is not that easy to understand group theory at once, but I can assure you that once you are able to understand their application in Cryptography, you might start […]

Introduction to Rings

Hey All, This is the continuation of my previous post where I had discussed about Finite Groups. It is relevant to everyone who is willing to know about how algorithms are made and what makes them work so well in our real life. So, here we will be learning about rings but before that, let […]

Introduction to Finite Groups

Hello Folks, This is my first post on a topic which is of my area of interest, “CRYPTOGRAPHY”. Being from a mathematics background, it always helped me in understanding the basic concepts used behind the widely used algorithms. So, here I will be sharing some knowledge about cryptography basics and the actual mathematics behind it. […]

Reversing simple program

Hi there, In this blog i am going to explain how we can crack or reverse a simple password checker program. This blog is also for beginners who are new in reverse engineering. Here we can see that when we exec this binary it ask for a argument called password. Our mission is to find password. Wrong […]

Cryptopals Set 1, Challenge 1 – Walkthrough

Hello peeps, Today we will be learning how to solve Cryptography Challenges from Cryptopals.  Cryptopals is an online platform which consists of different sets of cryptography challenges. There are people out there who are totally new to programming and cryptography just like me, and these challenges are worth your time for clearing out the basics. […]