Sudo (LD_PRELOAD) (Linux Privilege Escalation)

Privilege Escalation from an LD_PRELOAD environment variable. Before exploit let’s read something about LD_PRELOAD environment Variable. Index What is LD_PRELOAD? Detection. Exploit LD_PRELOAD. What is LD_PRELOAD? LD_PRELOAD is an optional environmental variable containing one or more paths to shared libraries, or shared objects, that the loader will load before any other shared library including the C […]

NFS weak permissions(Linux Privilege Escalation)

If you have a Low privilege Shell on any machine and you found that a machine has an NFS share you might be able to use that to escalate privileges. Depending on how it is configured. Let’s take a tour to understand Weak permission on NFS server. Index What is NFS? What is root_sqaush and no_root_sqaush? […]